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About Ottster

I am Ott Maiwat - When I was going to college and took a part-time job the name was given to me by a coworker who insists on calling me Ottster. It stuck with me ever since. I am a User Experience designer and a Front-end web developer by trade but I also have a fascination and interest in photography. As a User Experience Designer, I have a passion for designing beautiful and functional user experiences. A minimalist who believes that less is more. As a Front-end UX/UI developer I focus on writing clean, elegant and efficient codes. Love wireframe, layout design, interactive prototype, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Wordpress CMS and a touch of Javascript and jQuery.


As a freelancer I provide a highly appealing, effective and desirable website, giving your visitors an informative and interesting user experience. The design of your site must reflect your core business it's target audience, and their particular spending and browsing habits. I offers creative services, personalize and relevant web user experience including responsive web development, online videos, branding strategies, comprehensive online graphics and imaging and photography.
My mission is to deliver great experiences that improve your web site, while sharing our advances in the field with our clients. What I do is take the clients from idea to reality. When it comes to helping them to use the web, I will take care of everything from developing the strategy to designing, building and hosting the website and providing the all-important ongoing support.
Job satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction. At Ottster Web Design Studio I believe that job satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, resulting in continued success for myself and you our clients.
I recognized that to be a successful freelancer you must be dedicated, passionate people who share the core values of what you do. I also have a network of people who can become part of my team to prompt the development of your sites.
We help small businesses and individual maximize the value of their investment by creating an affordable web site. This is by far our priority and our passion.
We can offer custom graphic designs to suit your specific business requirements. From, illustration, template design, vectorization of images, to digitization of corporate logos for web use or printing purposes - we do everything to better your brand image on web.
A successful website for business requires a maintenance plan. Visitors to your site will expect product updates, news and periodic changes to the design. Ottster Web Design provides website maintenance plans that ensure your site runs smoothly and effectively at all times. By letting Ottster Web Design Studio handle your content changes, updates and additions, you can focus on your business - not site maintenance.
With a big pool of freelance network in the area we can be a leading-edge technologies of professionals that require minimum maintenance and generate more business, so that we remains your partner of choice for Web Development Projects.
I am convenienly located in the Olathe KS. I've ben doing website for small business well over a decade. Email me and let's discuss how putting your business on the internet will help your business survive in the 21st century. If you would like more information regarding the services we offer, please don't hesitate to contact me today!



  • Bootstrap 3&4 - 95%
  • Graphic Design - 93%
  • Wordpress - 75%
  • React Framework - 55%
  • Angular Framework - 45%
  • JavaScript - 60%
  • jQuery - 70%


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